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Nine Everyday Essentials You Need to Get The Job Done


As the saying goes, a tradesman is only as good as his tools – or her tools, as the case may be – and no matter what trade you’re in, there are some tools and supplies you can’t do without if you want to get the job done on time every time. Here are nine must-have Everday Essentials...

1. Builders' Gloves - Protect your hands from cuts, grazes and burns

GlovesOne thing you can't be without are a strong pair of builders' gloves. Whatever the job is, you need to protect your hands at all times from cuts, grazes, burns or bruises. Not only will a good pair of gloves give your hands the protection you need, you'll feel more confident getting down to work.

2. Duro-fix 10.8V Li-on Impact Driver - Helping to save your time and effort

driverThe Duro-fix 10.8V Li-on Impact Driver can save you both time and effort when you want to get the job done properly and stay on schedule. This tool weighs only 1.1 Kg and is small and lightweight with a powerful torque and good spin speed making it highly useful in many applications.

3. Saw - Perfect for a rapid, clean cut finish

sawA general purpose saw is another essential for the toolbox. A 22 inch blade is perfect for most jobs and can be used for cutting timber, hardwood, MDF and chipboard. A good saw will provide a rapid, clean cut with the minimum of whip or vibration. Most modern saws come with soft, ergonomic handles for added comfort and security.

4. Blade - Sharp, with a secure and comfortable grip

Trim KnifeThe essential Trim Knife is a tried and tested multi-purpose cutting tool that no good tradesman should be without. The sharp, retractable blade is a great safety feature and the knife is shaped for a secure, comfortable grip.

5. Tape Measure - Heavy duty 8 metre tape measure

8m TapeWhere would you be without a tape measure? Go for a durable, heavy duty, retractable 8 metre tape that measures in both metric and imperial, and has auto-lock.

6. Sealant and Silicones - The go to toolbox essential

sealantsThe go-to product that is a toolbox essential. Waterproof, flexible, and easy to apply, silicones are suitable for multi-purpose use and come with anti-bacterial properties to prevent mildew or mould - ideal for sealing off surfaces in bathrooms, or other areas where condensation or moisture is present.

7. Wipes - Removes grease, paint, sealants and more!

wipesAlways have a pack of industrial wipes to hand for removing grease, paint, sealants, and inks, not just from your hands but from tools or other surfaces as well. Easy and convenient to use, wipes mean you don't have to go looking for water or use spirit solutions to clean surfaces - an everyday product you'll come to rely on!

8. Ladders and Platforms - Sturdily built and lightweight

laddersIf you’re working at height, you need a secure base to operate from. Modern aluminium ladders and platforms are lightweight and come in a range of sizes, but always ensure they are sturdily built and have non-slip, protective covers on the legs.

9. DAB Radio - A godsend... no further comments needed!

radioNow let's not forget the most essential item of them all. Keeping the lads and lasses on site buzzing all day the DAB radio is an absolute godsend and a must have for workers in all trades!

Got a an essential tool or building supply you couldn't live without which we haven't mentioned? Get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, we'd love to hear from tradesmen like yourself!!

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