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Swipex Hand Wipes or Wonder Wipes: which are better?

headerHand wipes are an essential item for all builders and tradesmen helping to keep your hands, tools and surfaces clean on site. Particularly useful when water isn’t available hand wipes are perfect for storing in your van or toolbox, because lets face it things can get quite messy on site!

Here at UK Trade Fix we stock two different types of hand wipes in Swipex Hand Wipes and Wonder Wipes. While both are extremely effective, which would best suit your requirements? To help you decide we’ve come up with a number of advantages and disadvantages for each…


swipex hand wipes graphicSwipex Hand Wipes

Perfect for cleaning up accidents and spills on site Swipex Hand Wipes contain a mixture of solvents, which makes cleaning and removing wet substances from hands, tools and other surfaces ten times easier. Some of the substances that can be removed using these hand wipes include:

1. Paint
2. Inks
3. Adhesives
4. Sealants
5. Oils
6. Grease
7. Silicone


Advantages of Swipex Hand Wipes:


• Specially designed for use on construction sites Swipex Hand Wipes are heavy-duty
• Perfect for removing oil, ink, grease and other hard to remove stains from hands and surfaces
• Effective in helping to keep expensive tools clean after each job
• Remove fingerprints or any other marks to enhance the finish of your job
• 12 month shelf life
• Suitable for all non porous surfaces


Disadvantages of Swipex Hand Wipes:


• Powder coatings and painted materials can be affected by Swipex Hand Wipes
• Not suitable for use by those with sensitive or damaged skin


wonder wipes graphicWonder Wipes

Containing a powerful antibacterial additive Wonder Wipes are specially formulated for the construction industry helping to clean and remove wet and semi-cured substances from hands, tools and other surfaces. Working wonders they help remove a number of substances including:

1. Adhesives
2. Sealants
3. Paints
4. Bitumen’s
5. Expanding foams
6. Epoxies
7. Polyester fillers
8. Polyurethanes
9. Oil
10. Grease
11. Inks


Advantages of Wonder Wipes:


• The powerful antibacterial additive present in Wonder Wipes meets the standards for killing bacteria on dirty surfaces
• Resistant to salmonella, Listeria, MRSA and E.Coli
• Can be used to easily remove finger prints from surfaces
• Kind on the hands
• Makes removing oil, grease and other stains ten times easier
• Helps keep expensive tools dirt free after each job


Disadvantages of Wonder Wipes:


• Not suitable for use with porous surfaces such as wood or natural stone
• For those with sensitive or damaged skin try to avoid using Wonder Wipes
• Should not be disposed in toilets


1 box of Wonder Wipes contains 100 individual wipes and will cost you £5.43 here at UK Trade Fix, whilst Swipex Hand Wipes contains 80 wipes but are priced at just £2.99.

Prestige Trade Hand Wipes graphicPrestige Trade Hand Wipes

We also have Prestige Trade Wipes in tubs of 100 at a knockdown trade price.

Prestige Trade Wipes for hands, tools and surfaces. Cleans paint, adhesive, sealant, expanding foam, bitumen, oil, grease and much more! Comes in a handy re-sealable tub (foil sealed to prolong shelf life).

• Ideal for the workshop, office, home or on the move.
• No need for water, soap and cleaner.
• No need for dirty towels.
• One wipe does the job.
• Contains Aloe Vera to minimise any irritation on skin.
• Powerful anti-bacterial performance.


Still unsure which hand wipes would best suit your needs? Don’t worry, we’ve a team of experts with over 40 years experience in the construction industry, so if you’ve a question you’d like answering or require more information on Swipex Hand Wipes, Wonder Wipes or the new range of Prestige Trade Wipes don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us today on 01706 390626.


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