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5 Common DIY Mistakes Made In The Bathroom


The bathroom is a popular room to renovate and remodel, done correctly it can increase the value of your property greatly whilst providing a much better room for you to enjoy, but done badly it be catastrophic! Here are 5 common DIY mistakes made in the bathroom and how to avoid them...

1. Fixtures That Won’t Fit

One of the most common and avoidable mistakes made during the renovation of any bathroom is inaccurate measurements. Time and time again we hear of people failing to accurately measure the size of new fixtures or the space available resulting in baths, sinks and toilets not fitting the designated space. Ordering fixtures that don’t fit is not only costly but it’s also a timely process that nobody wants, especially when you’re hoping to stick to a strict deadline!

So to save yourself time, money and stress make sure you double-check all measurements, for added peace of mind have someone else double check them for you!

It’s always good to have a clear plan in place of what you’re hoping to achieve, with this in mind we strongly recommend you draw a detailed scale plan of what you’re hoping to achieve. By doing this you can see how much space you’ll have in between each fixture to see what works and what doesn’t!

2. Install Adequate Ventilation

bathroomFanAvoid paint and grout deteriorating by installing adequate ventilation. The bathroom is exposed to constant damp and humid conditions and is a breeding ground for unwanted mold.

A bathroom fan or any other form of ventilation aiding air flow in and out of your bathroom will counter this problem.

Once installed, regularly clean your fan! Failing to do so could lead to a build up of dirt and dust which will reduce the airflow in and out of your bathroom.

3. Don’t Scrimp on Essentials

When remodelling your bathroom take care selecting your materials! As the old saying goes you get what you pay for, so don’t scrimp on the essentials. With constant exposure to moisture and humidity it’s important you select materials that are designed to stand the test of time and can endure the humid conditions on a daily basis. It’s common for people to invest large amounts of money in their fixtures then shoot themselves in the foot by purchasing cheap, poor quality essentials such as sealants and paint.

Here at UK Trade Fix we stock a selection of sealants, adhesives and grouts that are all specially formulated for use in the bathroom. For example Prestige Hybrid Formula is a sanitary sealant designed for use in hot, humid environments and is completely water resistant once applied. Non Slip Tile Adhesive is highly slip resistant and is suitable for a number of uses in the bathroom due to its acrylic based formula. Rapid Set Tile Mortar is a favourite amongst many tradesmen due to its fast-setting times, perfect when same day fixing and grouting is required.

4. Avoid Wooden Cabinets

woodenBgMany people invest in aesthetically pleasing wooden cabinets or vanity units, which is a massive mistake. Although they maybe constructed from the highest quality wood and look aesthetically pleasing, wooden units will soak up water in the air and swell out of shape. This could lead to the cabinet completely falling apart. Therefore to avoid this problem make sure you opt for a cabinet that has a plastic coating all around, which will stop moisture being absorbed.

5. Not Sloping The Shower Floor Correctly

When installing a brand new shower many people forget to slope the shower floor correctly resulting in poor drainage! Water will sit in the shower for days at end, and, eventually, could lead to mold forming and ultimately ruining your brand new fixtures. Again this problem is easy to avoid, during the installation of your shower construct a ¼ inch slope per foot to ensure the water effectively drains during and after showering.

If you’re struggling with any aspects of your bathroom renovation then don’t risk it, call an expert and save yourself the time and hassle! For more information or details regarding any of the products we supply then feel free to get in touch! Give us a call today on 01706 390626 or get in touch via Twitter. Our team of experts are always on hand to offer you exceptional advice!


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