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7 Simple DIY Tips For Everyone

Saving you time, effort and in some cases money we’ve come up with 7 simple DIY tips to make your job easier…

1. Stop Your Tools From Rusting

rustytoolsBGIf you’re worried about your metal tools rusting then place a piece of chalk in each compartment of your toolbox.

The chalk will soak up any moisture protecting your expensive tools from damage.

2. Avoid Wasting Material By Cutting Once

cutonceBGSick of cutting wood or other material too short? It might seem obvious, but checking your measurements twice and ensuring the material you are cutting is of the correct size will save you time, money and hassle!

So it pays to double-check your measurements before going in all saws blazing!

3. Keep your Paintbrushes Moist In Between Coats

moistpaintBGSave yourself time washing your paintbrushes in between coats by wrapping them in cling film.

This will stop them from drying out in between coats.

4. Make Sawing Easier

handsawBGAchieve a smoother finish and make sawing easier and hassle free by applying a layer of soap to the edge of your cutting blade.

5. Keep Screws And Nails in One Place

hammerBGFed up of constantly losing your screws and nails? Keep a strong magnet in your pocket or on the end of your hammer to keep them safe and in one place!

6. Make Screwing Into Stripped Out Holes Easier

If you have a hole that is too big for a screw fill it with toothpicks or other pieces of thin, sturdy material before placing the screw in the hole and gently tightening it with a screwdriver.

7. Protect Your Walls When Removing Nails

nailBGAvoid damaging walls and paint when removing nails with a claw hammer by attaching several elastic bands across the claw. This will protect the wall or paint from surface damage.

Following these 7 simple DIY tips will save you bags of time and effort, so it’s a win win situation. If you have any simple DIY tips of your own that you’d like to share with fellow builders and DIY’ers then you can do so on Twitter and Facebook. For more information on the products we supply then feel free to give us a call on 01706 390626.


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