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Our Top Five Products For a Safe And Sturdy Roof

A strong and secure roof is often overlooked when it comes to DIY chores, but improving and maintaining it can save you serious money in future repair costs.

Loose or damaged roofing fails to protect from weather and wildlife. It’s not only a nuisance and a danger to those inside and around the house, but also makes your home less secure and can result in irreparable damage.

Here at UK Trade Fix, we’ve made a list of our top five roofing products from our collection to show you how easily you can keep disasters at bay and your household safe.

5. Easy Trim Dry Ridge Kit

ridgeBGEasy Trim Dry Ridge Kit is the perfect product to secure the ridge tiles on your roof and protect them from wind uplift and rain penetration; the more durable and watertight the better. Our ventilated ridge roll (6 metres) is made with extra butyl for a stronger seal against rain, whereas the nylon ratchet clips and stainless steel fixing packs add long-lasting strength. If you don’t want your roof tiles flying off this windy winter, then this is a must-buy for you and UK Trade Fix offer it for £58.83 (exc VAT).

4. Everbuild 402 Waterseal

waterBGPerhaps the easiest and most determined anti-water product UK Trade Fix stock is 'Everbuild 402 Waterseal', which is available in both 5 litre or 25 litre sizes.

A high-quality water repellent is crucial to blocking as much rain as possible from damaging your roof and consequently harming the health and hygiene of your household. This formula prevents moisture infiltration on substrates such as brick, stone, concrete, pebble-dashed and rendering, but is also nonflammable and doesn’t contain environmentally unfriendly solvents. It's a cheap way to thwart a gradually destructive problem at only £12.75 for the smallest container (exc VAT).

3. Felt Support Trays

feltBGThis product gives essential support to roofing felt by bridging individual rafters. This means there’s no pooling of rainwater or rotting of your felt, which prevents the material from sagging. Using our Felt Support Trays eliminates the need to strip and replace large sections of damaged felt, which is usually very costly and time-consuming. It also improves air circulation and acts as a barrier to fend off any uninvited birds and insects from getting into the roof void. We currently have a bulk offer special of 500 x 1.5 metre trays for just £495 (exc. VAT).

2. Easy Trim Ultra Breathable Felt

trimBGA lot of research has gone into getting the best balance of insulation to breathability when it comes to roofing felt material. Make it too resistant and watertight and you get trapped moist air, resulting in damp roof space, rotten materials and even insect infestation. Make it too porous and penetrable and your house will lack the insulation and protection it needs, which drives up your energy costs.

This Easy Trim Ultra Breathable Felt gives the best of both worlds and promises strength, durability and ventilation, as well as drowning out wind noise. Order from UK Trade Fix (only £91.67, exc. VAT) for a sturdy and nail-tear resistant product, which is also suitable for warm and cold roof application.

1. Roof Repair

roofBGUK Trade Fix knows that prevention is better than cure, which is why we advise this product goes to the top of your next DIY shopping list. Sometimes a gentle touch-up is all that’s required to ensure your roof lasts the bitter British winter, and this Roof Repair formula is perfect for stopping a small gap from becoming a big problem. It provides a waterproof coat with added fibres that join to cover the cracks and stop any moisture from entering your roof space. Waiting for the hitch to happen will only increase the money you pay to fix it, as well as the chance that you won’t be able to tackle it yourself. Roof Repair is vital for general maintenance and is available from us for £32.75 (exc VAT).

We at UK Trade Fix are experts at supplying high-quality materials and know what works best. These are just a few out of our range of roofing remedies to guarantee you a dry, safe and secure house without having to call the professionals in. For more information on the rest of our roofing supplies then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us today on 01706 390626 or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.


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