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The 10 Best Building Supplies For Roofing

Roofing is an essential job in itself, but what are the most essential things you need to get the job done?

1 - Vented Felt Support Tray - Say goodbye to rotting felt

tray-3in1-view product
This creates a bridge across the rafters and provides much-needed support for the roofing felt.

This completely eliminates the sometimes common and always troublesome problem of rotting felt, which is usually caused by water retention. There are several felt support trays available on our website, but we would recommend the 3 in 1, for added ventilation and bird comb.

2 - Eaves protection - Reduce the time spent on maintenance

SU-eaves protection-view productThis is always important to ensure that any roof underlay doesn't end up draping into the gutter.

We stock a brand called Easy-Protect, which is a very high quality bitumen based product available for just £14.58 (exc VAT). Eaves protection strips give you that added guarantee that further maintenance won't be frequently required.

3 - Lead flashing fixing clips - Grips lead in seconds!

Lead flashing clipsIt's easy to overlook the little things when it comes to roofing, but every piece of kit is just as important as the last.

One of our essentials are lead flashing fixing clips, man's best friend when it comes to fast work. They grip lead firmly in place in a matter of seconds; you can't be without them!

4 - Sealacryl Roof Repair - A reliable waterproof coating every time

sealacryl roof repairYou don't need to be told that a roof is just no good unless it's been waterproofed, you just need to know the best product to use for the job.

We recommend Sealacryl Roof Repair, which gives a reliable waterproof coating every time.

5 - EverBuild 402 Waterseal - Long lasting protection from water damage



Waterseal is a high performance transparent water repellent specially formulated to prevent water penetration on all mineral substrates such as brick, stone, concrete, pebble dashed and rendering.


6 - Easy Verge Universal - Make sure your tiles stay put

Easy Verge-U BrownTo make sure you're achieving a tight secure fit with roof tiles, and keeping them held firmly in place without the risk of wind dislodgement, try using the Easy Verge Universal.

Whether right or left handed, this product will suit your needs.

7 - Lead Replacement - Self adhesive and easy to use

Easy Lead R 5mtr rollReplacing lead can be a tricky business if not done properly.

Get the job done well with this self adhesive product available on our website.

8 - Felt - Our lightweight, breathable felt is an absolute must!

Easy Trim Grafter 2Roofing felt is of course a big essential.

Put your trust in the Easy Trim Grafter, our lightweight and breathable roof underlay - it even has a cutting grid.

9 - Lead Sealant - Reduce tile lift and noise instantly

Easy lead sealantA small product with big results.

Lead sealant helps you to ensure that tile lift and noise is reduced while being tough and resilient. Try it now for just £1.79, available on our website!


10 - Roof and Gutter Sealant - Your best friend when it comes to preventing leaks

roof & gutter sealant-product viewThis little fella is your new best friend.

When it comes to preventing leaks, particularly in the gutters, so use him wisely!

So there you have it, our best building supplies for roofing! Do you rely heavily on a product that's not mentioned in this post? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter...


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