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Wall Starters: The Strong Way To Erect a Wall

Wall Starters: The Strong Way To Erect a Wall

We supply the best Wall Starter Kits that are designed to achieve strong and level masonry.

The team here at UK Trade Fix have decades of experience in the building supplies industry and we know a thing or two about Wall Starter Kits.

Each Wallstarter Kit contains all necessary components for a single leaf wall and features twist, lock and slide ties for superior fixing.

Available in lengths of up to 2.4 meters with brick and block widths from 60mm to 250mm they can be used up to a maximum of 3 storeys.


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How to use your Wall Starter Kit

  • 1 Mark the position of the fixing holes
  • 2 Drill 10mm holes and install wall plugs
  • 3 Position first Wallstarter so ties fold downwards
  • 4 Place second Wallstarter into the top of the first
  • 5 Fix remaining fixing points into place.
  • 6 Fold down ties and build into bed joints of new wall

UK Trade Fix Wall Starter Kit

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What size Wallstarters can we supply?

    The Wallstarters we supply are 2.4mtr in length, but can be joined together for higher walls.

  • 2. Where can Wallstarters be installed?

    Wallstarters can be used for all internal and external applications including:

    • Brickwork and block work
    • Cavity walls
    • Extensions
    • Wall widths from 60mm to 250mm
  • 3. What tools do I need when installing Wallstarters?

    To install your Wallstarters you’ll need a drill with a 10mm diameter masonry drill bit and a screwdriver.

  • 4. What materials can Wallstarters be fixed to?

    The Wallstarters we supply can be installed to most materials including clay bricks, lightweight aggregate concrete blocks and solid aerated concrete blocks.

  • 5. What if the wall is higher than 2.4 meters?

    Wallstarters can be used up to a maximum of three storeys or 8 meters high. slots at the end of each component allows easy connection of multiple Wallstarters.

  • 6. What if the wall is smaller than 2.4 meters?

    For walls less than 2.4 meters high use a hacksaw to shorten the top strip and fix through the highest fixing hole.


For high quality Wallstarters you can rely on, choose UK Trade Fix!

If you want any further information on Wall Starter Kits call our friendly team of experts on:

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