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Cavity Closers - Easy To Fit for cavity widths up to 150mm

Cavity Closers - Easy To Fit for cavity widths up to 150mm
Cavity Closers

Multi Width Cavity Closers effectively improve thermal efficiency, prevent water penetration and provide an effective DPC barrier in all builds.

We stock two profiles to fit cavity widths of up to 150mm, and can be easily cut to fit smaller openings.

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insulated cavity closers ++ 26/04/17Great price and quick free next delivery. The cavity closers were over 50% cheaper than most other places that I had looked at. Easy to cut and fit. Used in an annex to close off cavity around windows and door.
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Easy Fit Insulated Cavity Closers

Cavity Closers provide a simple solution to closing cavity window and door reveals whilst improving thermal efficiency

We stock two profiles to fit cavity widths of up to 150mm, and can be easily cut to fit smaller openings, they also save time in construction by closing the cavity without having to return the brickwork, and the grooved back profile of the insulation can be cut to the desired width with ease.

Available in Two Profiles
Cut to fit
Complies with 33 Building Regulations
4 Easy Steps
  1. Measure cavity opening
  2. Cut to required length
  3. Firmly press the insulation side into the cavity
  4. Fix the plastic flanges into place with grab adhesive

UK Trade Fix Cavity Closers

They can be installed while building a wall section or after the section has been completed. Here at UK Trade Fix Cavity Closers are available in 100mm and 150mm lengths and can be cut to fill irregular cavities.

These easy-fit closers are so easy to use and also save time in construction by closing the cavity without the need to return the block work, perfect for those who have a strict deadline to meet.

Our cavity closers are; Easy to install, Lightweight, Durable, Have an Effective DPC barrier and comply with building regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • 1. Why use a cavity closer?

      They are the most effective way of closing cavity window and door reveals without returning the brickwork, helping to save you time and man hours. they also help improve thermal efficiency by reducing heat loss, where internal heat escapes externally, and reduces risk of condensation, mould & moisture forming.

    • 2. What size do I need?

      Simple, if the distance between the brick and the block is 100mm then you’ll need the 100mm Multi Width Cavity Closer and if it’s 150mm, you guessed it, you’ll need the 150mm Multi Width Cavity Closer.

      If the opening is smaller than 150mm then simply cut to the desired width.

    • 3. What sizes can we supply?

      We supply 2 profiles with widths of 100mm and 150mm and length of 2.4m, both available in packs of 10. If you have a large project we also have bulk specials so you can save even more money on large orders.

    • 4. Where can they be installed?

      They can be used to close the cavity at door and window reveals in all buildings and can be used with all types of window and doorframe materials including:

      • Timber
      • PVCu
      • Aluminium
    • 5. What tool should I use to cut Wall Closers?

      Quick and simple to install, they can be cut down to the required size simply using a Trim Knife.

    • 6. Which is the inside and the outside of the closer?

      If the closer is only partially filled the insulated side goes to the outside face.

    • 7. Can they be joined together?

      Jointing Clips can be used to connect two closers together to bridge the gap.

    • 8. Do they comply with building regulations?

      Yes, they comply with 33 different building and construction regulations.

    • 9. Why do I need a good insulated closer?

      To Prevent water penetration
      To comply with Building Regulations the use of cavity closers are required. They prevent water around a window or door to help prevent water penetration around the door or window frames.

      To avoid heat loss
      The use of Cavity Closers help prevent heat loss and are used in common areas that are cold, especially window and door frames. To avoid mould growth and condensation around these cold and damp areas - our cavity closers deliver. They not only provide a thermal break at the reveal of both door and window openings, they also act as an effective vertical damp proof course (DPC).

      Cavity Closers prevent condensation
      Poor insulation and damp can lead to condensation. These cheap cavity closers provide a thermal break between door and window openings improving thermal efficiency and preventing condensation. They prevent air and moisture flow by filling the space around openings.

UK Trade Fix are the leading suppliers of Cavity Closers in the UK. We are trusted sellers of these quality products offering superior thermal performance for each and every one of your projects.


So there you have it, highly durable multi width Cavity Closers UK, with a Feefo product rating of 100%, helping to solve all your cold bridging problems in all builds.

As a leading supplier of building and roofing supplies UK Trade Fix offer a timely and reliable delivery service throughout the UK.

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